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Beyond Boundaries is at the Midpoint of the Wisconsin 400 state Bike Trail!!

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The "400" State Bike Trail is just the beginning of a 101 mile system of bike trails
that leads from Reedsburg, Wisconsin all the way up to Marshland near the Minnesota border.
Wonewoc is the "Midpoint of the 400 Trail" located within the surroundings of sandstone bluffs, wetlands, and rolling croplands in the "driftless area" of Wisconsin.
The 101 miles of trails was once home to the Chicago Northwestern Railway and makes for a low grade and relaxing ride.

Beyond Boundaries is located right on the 400 State Bike Trail, easily accessible for needed bike repairs or bike rentals. We carry Fuji Crosstown 3.0 Bicycles for rentals, with a variety of sizes for both men and women. We also have options for kids to join in on the fun with smaller bikes, a trail-a-bike, or a kid cart.We also have a NEW BIKE SALES SHOWROOM with a variety of new bikes for sale-and we are proud to guarantee that we NEVER sell any bike at full retail price-they are ALWAYS on SALE!

Trail passes are required on the trails for every bicyclist 16 years and older and are available at our shop.

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New high quality Fuji Bikes for Sale NOW!!!!!

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